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At Lilax Technologies we are constanty looking for qualified professional to join in our team

At Lilax Technologies, it's shining star like you that make this a very special place to work. As part of our Employee Referral Bonus Programs, if you refer a qualified friend or acquaintance that we hire, we'll pay you $200!

» All employees of Lilax Technologies, Inc. are eligible to participate

» The person you refer must not be in our database and must not currently be under consideration for an assignment.

» The person you refer must be hired within 30 days from the time of referral

» Have your friend apply directly at

» When your friend applies for a position, tell them to write "Lilax Employee", when we ask 'How did you find out about the job? and put your name and Lilax's e-mail address.

» Monetary rewards will be paid within 60 days of your referral's start date.

Outsourcing applications in order to transform an organization requires more than technical knowledge. Lilax Technologies's ability to integrate industry, business process, organizational change-as well as technological-expertise is key to achieving success. Lilax Technologies's methods ensure that each client's business goals and application capabilities stay perfectly matched.

Lilax Technologies's deliver models have world-class expertise from the most cost-effective sources around the globe. Clients can access a network of over application professionals at various centers in countries such as India and the Philippines.

At Lilax Technologies your outsourced projects are deftly handled with pinpoint precision. Our able manpower, well defined processes and procedures help in realizing your business goals. Lilax Technologies's outsourcing model adheres to industry standards and adopts specific methodologies and principles to develop complete project planning that assures quality and addresses risk control to successful delivery.

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