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Web-based application employing advanced image rendering techniques for MMS-enabled mobile phones.


Java 2D rendering API, Mobile Media API (MMAPI) and Wireless Messaging API (WMA), SMIL and SOAP. Deployed on Caucho's Resin servlet engine. Backed by mySQL database engine. Hosted on Redhat Linux running Apache webserver.


In March of 2004, Lilax Technologies was awarded an offshore software contract to develop a Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) web application for a UK firm specialising in delivering mobile phone content to it's subscribers. The aim of MMS web application is to empower owners of the new breed of MMS enabled phones to compose and deliver their own content-rich multimedia messages to mobile phone handsets from the web.

Project Planning and Design

A formal software specification was devised detailing the clients requirements together with a complete project plan with milestones and time scales. The client stipulated that the application should be developed using Java so that it can be easily integrated with an existing content delivery system built with Java technology.

Development Method

Four skilled Java developers with MMS and media programming experience were appointed to work on the project. Development, testing and staging websites were set up under version control and a "first-cut" design of the application was developed and demonstrated to the client one week into the project. The client was more than satisfied with the work and signed-off the demo application allowing the team to move onto the next phase of the project. The client was able to see the work in progress at any point in time by viewing the application from our staging servers via the internet. After five weeks of application development work and testing, the MMS web application was completed on time.


The application gives mobile phone users a vast choice of full colour background images to paint on. Alternatively, mobile phone owners can upload their own photographs to the web application where they can crop, resize, rotate and flip the image to achieve their own per sonali sed design. Once the background image is in place, they can superimpose any text onto the image by entering their message or greeting and then select from a portfolio of over 200 font styles. Drop-shadows, glows, semi-transparent fills, gradient fills and pattern fills can then be applied to the text to give it a unique look.

When the mobile phone user has completed authoring their design, they may either store the design on the messaging server for later delivery or editing, or transmit the design as a multimedia message to any MMS capable mobile phone. Customer details and their transactions are encrypted for security purposes and recorded in a mySQL database.


The web application was launched in late April 2004. Since the launch, Lilax Technologies entered a maintenance contract to constantly upgrade the application with new features. New features which were recently incorporated into the application include the ability to change the orientation of message text, apply a "wavy" look to text and stretch/skew the text message as desired by the web user.

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